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ofmg i have maths homework for uni and i’m so stuck, i thought i was done with this shit :””””’( 



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s/o to the gals that replied to my post, holding your hands/kicking gross man butt in spirit with you. I hate that dealing with that stuff is ‘normal’ for so many of us :((

last night while walking to the valley a guy grabbed my arms and slurred ‘lemmie look at your face baby’ and i pushed him away and he called me a bitch and then later i was walking in the city with my boyfriend (who ducked down an alley to pee, gross, etc.) and for the minute that i was ‘unattended’ these two guys pulled up and asked if i wanted a lift and earlier that night i had just been talking to some friends about the recent murder of a student that hit pretty close to home and i just don’t feel safe lately and i always felt moderately comfortable and empowered like I could be completely independent and the world was my oyster, etc. but now i feel so vulnerable and my self confidence feels a bit shaky and it’s not fair

Maybe I was just naive… I walked ten minutes from uni to a friends house last week  at about 7pm and it didn’t even occur to me that it could have been dangerous until multiple people said it was a risky thing to do??